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As a football fans, we all know they won the title at White Hart Lane, that they went 49 league games unbeaten, that they were blessed with footballing royalty like Henry, Bergkamp and Adams.

Its good to also know that they had a world-class manager in Arsene Wenger until their fans told him he wasn’t that anymore. now Arsenal are top of the table.

But here’s few Arsenal stats, including Arsenal firsts and the history of Arsenal itself, that you might not previously have been aware of

Be noted that Arsenal side were the first southern club to join the Football League when they did so in 1893.

Gunners were formerly known as ‘Dial Square’, ‘Royal Arsenal’, ‘Woolwich Arsenal’ and ‘The Arsenal’ before landing on their current title in 1919.

They are nicknamed ‘The Gunners’ because the club were formed in 1886 by munitions workers in the Royal Arsenal factory in Woolwich.

Contrary to popular belief, Arsenal have been relegated before, albeit only once in 1913 and under the title of ‘Woolwich Arsenal’. Still, theirs is the longest streak of successive seasons in the top-flight.

Also, again be noted that the English football pyramid was reorganised after the end of World War One in 1918, Arsenal were voted into the top-flight at the expense of Tottenham, who were relegated from the First Division.

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