How to use Tracking to get back your Stolen Airpods

How to use Tracking to get back your Stolen Airpods

Looking at it very well it’s no news that Airpods are a very small and tiny object and sometimes it might get lost while using it, maybe it fell off your ears or someone steal it, whichever way its always easy to get it back with right tracking.

With no doubt, Airpods are of course extremely comfortable and better than our regular earpiece. But another thing is can you track your AirPods? It is no surprise that we get asked this question a whole lot.

Of course these devices are really small and could get lost easily. What then is your fate when you lose your AirPods?

Assuming your AirPods get stolen or perhaps you kept it somewhere but cannot remember where, well, this article will show you how to retrieve your lost or stolen AirPods. Using the Apple’s Find My app, we are going to show you how to track your AirPods.

Another thing is that you need to have set up your account to be able to use this tracking feature. Once this feature is enabled on your iPhone, you wouldn’t have such a huge challenge locating your lost or stolen AirPods. So, when next someone asks, can you track your AirPods? The answer is absolute yes!

Is it possible to track track my AirPods?

Just like we said earlier, you would need to start by enabling the Find My app feature on your iPhone. Luckily, Apple would always prompt you to do that while setting up your iPhone.

So definitely, there is a possibility that this feature is already enabled on your phone. If not, then we will show you how to.

  • First of all turn on Find My app.
  • To begin with, open the Settings of your iPhone and tap on your name.
  • Select the Find My, then tap on Find My iPhone and turn it on.
  • Ensure to turn on Enable Offline Finding.
  • Then turn on Send Last Location.

This last step is particularly useful because while everything else is helping you to find your device, this one sends the location to Apple instead of you. It is helpful because when you are trying to find your device, Apple would be able to show you the last place it was.

Tracking your AirPods from your iPhone

Once you realize you cannot find your AirPods again, just open the Find My app. This will show you a map or satellite image of the area around you as well as a list of all your Apple devices.

So each of these devices will have a picture, the name as well as the location information. The address might be specifically showing the apartment number and street name if it is your house or somewhere in your contacts.

You would also see an indication of how far away the device is from you. This could be in miles or sometimes in words, like ‘With You.’ Also, you might need to scroll to find the AirPods listing, but when you tap on them, you would immediately see the details of where they are. This will contain the geographic location, and the last time the device was online.

However, the Find My app could just report ‘No Location found,’ but that will be a horror. We hope you never fall into these shoes.

Play a sound on AirPods to track them

It is a good thing if Find My app tells you the location of your AirPods. However, you might have a geographic location and still not be able to find them because of how tiny they are. Well, the good thing is that the Find My app can also make your AirPods play a sound so that you will be able to locate them.

Don’t be shocked; the sound would actually be loud enough for you to hear them when you are not wearing your AirPods.

And if it is a thief wearing the AirPods, be rest assured that he or she will be wincing in pain after the sound has been played. Also, the app keeps the sound going on until you finally find the AirPods.

However, if the AirPods are in the case and not connected, the Find My app will show you that the sound is Pending. Just after the AirPods case is opened, the sound will begin to play. Luckily, you can also select if the sound should play only on the left ear or right ear or both. This is very useful if you lost only one ear s that the sound of the other ear would not distract you.

Tracking your AirPods on a Mac

The good news is to let you know that you can equally track your AirPods on your Mac.

  • First of all, go to the iCloud website on your computer.
  • Then log in using the Apple ID that your AirPods are connected to.
  • And click on the Find iPhone option.

After all this , surely you would get the same information you can get on the Find My app. Just simply follow the same procedure you would when using the Find My app on your phone.


So to wrap it up, you must now know that tracking your AirPods is no big deal and can be done easily once you have activated the Find My app. Also, you still need to be extremely careful with your AirPods so that they don’t fall into spaces that your hand cannot reach.