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Another thing is that do you know some interesting facts about our favourite football club? Most of us love to watch our team playing in different leagues but don’t research like we do when finding free spins on casino platforms. Therefore, we have enlisted some interesting unknown facts about Manchester United that we bet you didn’t

A Lost Dog Saved the Club

The Cristiano Ronaldo current team was founded in 1878 under the name Newton Heath LYR Football Club. By 1901, it was on the verge of disappearing due to its economic crisis. Club captain Harry Stafford decided to start walking his dog to raise money until the dog went missing one day.

And surely just after a desperate search, Stafford finally found the dog in a pub. A few beers later, Stafford convinced the wealthy pub owner to invest in his team, and that’s how Newton Heath was saved, and Manchester United came to be.

The Dominance In Premier League

Base on records, no one has won more Premier League titles than Manchester United.  Red Devils have won 13 times out of the 28 seasons played so far. But Manchester also leads the tournament’s historical table in terms of most wins, most goals, and most points won.

The Only English Club to Win the Treble

United side was the first English club to win the European Championship in 1968. In 1999, they became the first English club to win a Treble. They earned Premier League championships, FA Cup winners, and Champions League.

One-Tenth of The World Is a Fan of Manchester United

In 2011, Manchester United carried out a worldwide survey with a market research company. Thousands of surveys later, they declared United have over 650 million fans in the world. This means around 1 out of every ten people in the world is a fan of United. So, fans of our favourite team don’t come from only Manchester.

More Facts about Man United

In the start, the Football Club’s nickname used to be “The Heathens”, as they were original Newton Heath and originally used to play on Sundays. Sir Matt Busby decided they should be called a nickname given to a brilliant rugby team from the University of Salford during a 1934 tour in France. Busby thought the nickname meant the same, and it matched their shirts, which has been used till date.

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