Perfect Way to Reset Bose Headphones by Yourself

Perfect Way to Reset Bose Headphones by Yourself

As we are all aware that this days we are seeing everyday new devices that makes living easy and very conducive, everyday the world is flooded with new gadget that help people, and one of them is Bose Headphone, I know it might sound new to you but don’t worry this post will guide you through everything you need to knw about this device.

And it’s clear that this days now comes with lot of people listening to music and music is now really bringing lot of results for the singer due to the fact that it now attracts lots of consumer all around the world.

At this point is where the use of Bose Headphone comes in, most of the people even if not all, when listening to music they all love to listen to their favorite songs in a private way which is why Bose Headphones come in and very useful this aspect.

Assuming you wish to learn how you can reset Bose headphones, Then i am glad to tell you that you are in the right place, as we will be guiding you on all steps of all the steps you need to take to reset Bose headphones successfully.

And now this Particular Bose headphone brand is a household name for quality headphones with superior sounds. The Bose brand is usually the headphone brand of choice for many people because it offers excellent value for its money’s worth.

So below, trust we of course will be examining situations when it might be required that you reset bose headphones and the necessary steps to reset bose headphones.

When Exactly Can I Reset Bose Headphones?

Don’t worry, its just like other headphones, the Bose headphones will occasionally have specific problems that will prevent them from functioning correctly. The solution most times will be to reset Bose headphones.

Now below is a list of some of the issues that might require that you reset Bose headphones.

  • Firstly, your Bose headphones have been unable to pair successfully with your phone or computer.
  • And your Bose headphone is connected correctly to your device, but no sound comes out of your headphones.
  • Your Bose headphone is unable to connect to either your computer or smartphone.
  • There is a lag in the audio whenever you use your Bose headphones to watch a movie or a video clip.
  • There is a lot of static in the sound generated by your Bose headphones.
  • Your device is unable to connect with your Bose headphones.
  • The Bose headphones continually disconnect from your device when in use.

Now that we have identified some of the reasons you might need to reset Bose headphones, in the section of the article below, we will be looking at the required steps you can take to reset Bose headphones.

Ways You Can Soft Reset Bose Headphones

So many time, when you have issues with your Bose headphones, the first and probably the best troubleshooting approach is to perform a soft reset on your Bose headphones, as this will reset the headphones without deleting your customized settings.

And so there are two available methods you can use to reset Bose headphones, and we will be discussing both ways in this section of the article.

First Method: This method is relatively easy to follow and will help you reboot your Bose headphones successfully. It also does not delete any of your custom settings. Follow the steps outlined below to use this method.

  • Confirm that your audio cable or USB cable is not connected to your Bose headphones. Unplug it if it is connected.
  • Then connect your USB cable and charger to a power source.
  • Now, press and hold down the power button of your Bose headphones.
  • Then connect the USB cable to the right earcup of your Bose headphones while you are still pressing the power button.
  • The power light of your Bose headphone will flash twice, and then after about approximately 5 seconds, you can then release your hold on the power button.

You can then attempt to use your Bose headphones to confirm that the issue has been resolved. Sometimes, you might need to try to soft reset Bose headphones at least twice before it becomes responsive.

Second Method: The second method you can use to reset Bose headphones is quite similar to the first method, with just a slight difference between both methods. This method also performs a soft reset on your Bose headphones and will not delete your custom settings.

Follow the steps below if you would prefer to use this method.

  • Ensure all cables are disconnected from your Bose headphones.
  • Then connect your USB charging cable to a power source.
  • Then simultaneously plug the other end of the charging cable into your headphone earcup and hold down the power button.
  • After approximately 5 seconds, when the power light of your headphones has blinked twice, you can release your hold from the power button.

So maybe you have successfully followed the steps listed above, then you can attempt to use the Bose headphones to confirm it is now working as expected.

In the next section of this article, we will be looking at how to hard reset Bose headphones.

When and How to Hard Reset Bose Headphones

This time around, incase you have tried the different methods available to soft reset Bose headphones, and your headphone is still unresponsive. You might have to consider performing a hard reset on the Bose headphones.

However, you must know that performing a hard reset on Bose headphones will restore the headphones to their default settings and wipe away any customized settings you might have on them, including your Bluetooth device list.

Follow the simple steps below to hard reset Bose headphones.

  • First, ensure that you are not in the meeting mode when you want to hard reset, as the reset button will not respond so as not to interrupt your meetings.
  • Then, press and hold down the power button for approximately 10 seconds on your Bose headphone USB link.

One thing is that, incase you have followed the instruction above, you have been able to hard reset your Bose headphones and have restored them to their default settings.

You can now attempt to use your Bose headphones to confirm that it now works as expected.

Easy steps to Reset Bose Headphones USB Link

Whenever you need to reset the USB link of your Bose headphones, all you have to do is disconnect the USB link for about half a minute and then connect it with a computer’s USB port.

Ways You can Reset Pairing on Bose Headphones

This section of the article will explain how to reset Bluetooth pairing on some Bose headphone speakers.

Tips to Reset Bose Headphones 700

You can reset Bluetooth pairing on Bose headphones 700 by following the steps below.

  • Hold down the power button on your headphones until the Bluetooth light flashes blue, and you can hear a Bluetooth device list cleared message.
  • Then navigate to your device Bluetooth list, and on the list of available devices, delete your Bose 700 headphones.

You have then been able to reset the pairing on Bose 700 headphones, and you can now attempt to pair it back with your device.

Ways You Can Reset Bose Headphones QC35

You can reset Bluetooth pairing on your Bose headphones QC 35 by following the steps outlined below.

  • Turn on your Bose QC35 headphones.
  • Hold the power button on the Bluetooth icon for about 10 seconds or until you hear a Bluetooth device list cleared message.

Then you can now attempt to pair it back with your device and continue using it as you desire.

Guide to Reset Bose Quiet Comfort Earbuds

You can conveniently reset your Bose quiet comfort earbuds by following the steps below.

  • Try plug your earbud charging case into a power outlet, put your earbuds in the charging case, and close the case.
  • And after about 10 seconds, open your charging case and press the Bluetooth button of your earbuds for about 30 seconds.
  • Then go to your device Bluetooth settings, and on the list of available devices, delete your Bose quiet comfort earbuds.

So now after you have been able to reset Bose’s quiet comfort earbuds, you can then pair them back with your device.


So therefore for the final part of tis article, surely it’s no doubt that this post covered when you need to reset Bose headphones and how to reset Bose headphones, either through a hard reset or a soft reset all by yourself and even do it for your loved ones.

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