The whole of CDC supports the decision not to require testing to end five-day quarantine

The whole of CDC supports the decision not to require testing to end five-day quarantine

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is now in supports of not to require testing to end five-day quarantine so as to make things easy for everyone and make life easier.

Despite the so many criticism, the CDC on Tuesday stated I stood on that recommendation Americans infected with the coronavirus complete isolation after 5 days without initially having a negative virus test.

Don’t forget that the agency guidelines released last week, Reduced recommended quarantine period for infected people from 10 days to 5 days People who have no symptoms or who have no symptoms.

So therefore, authorities did not recommend testing before leaving the quarantine. This is an abbreviation that surprised and worried many outside experts.

And the CDC director Dr. Rochelle Warrensky told The New York Times last week that the recommendation was based on evidence that most people are no longer contagious five days after the onset of symptoms. However, authorities did not share the data behind the decision.

Now the guidelines suggested that after quarantine, recovered people would wear masks around others for an additional 5 days. Dr. Wallensky defended the decision to omit the test, saying that rapid testing to determine when an individual is no longer contagious is unreliable.

The Food and Drug Administration also said last week that rapid testing may be less reliable in picking up Omicrons compared to infections caused by previous variants. However, the agency refused to elaborate on that claim.

Lot of public health experts said It was dangerous to finish the quarantine in 5 days, Also the agency should at least encourage people to test for negatives before mixing with others.

And they also ridiculed the agency for what was seen as a surrender to pressure from companies that were buckling under staff shortages during the Omicron surge.

During that time he was responding to some criticisms, Dr. Anthony S. Forch, a top U.S. coronavirus adviser, is considering adding tests to the recommendation on Sunday and will clarify guidance within a few days. I said it would be.

And surely authorities were widely expected to add tests to the guidance as early as Tuesday.

However, as a surprising move, authorities have updated the CDC website without testing requirements. And of course authorities on Tuesday also provided the scientific basis for shortening the quarantine period.

Of course the new guidelines state that individuals who “have access to the test and want to test” at the end of the quarantine period can do so, but have not reached the end of the test recommendation.

Base on the information posted on a government website on Tuesday, the new guidelines “promote individual social and welfare needs, get back to work and maintain critical infrastructure.”

So now for the people who have not been vaccinated or have been exposed to a virus that has not been boosted with any of the vaccines, authorities currently recommend 5 days of quarantine, followed by another 5 days of rigorous mask use. Is recommended.

Therefore, for the People who are receiving booster shots do not need to be quarantined after exposure, but they should follow the guidelines and wear a mask for the next 10 days.

To now finalise this post, it’s sure clear that the CDC supports the decision not to require testing to end the five-day quarantine at that time.

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